Islami Bank Fixed Deposit

 Islami Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is the best private sector Sharia based bank in Bangladesh. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has brought several changes in the country at present. Due to the exclusion of principles 6 and 9 in the banking sector, now you are getting the most profit or profit if you deposit money in the bank. In today's article, I will discuss how much money you will get per month and year if you make an FDR of 10 lakh taka in Islami Bank. In this article I will discuss in detail about how many years you can deposit money.

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Islami Bank Fixed Deposit

In Islami Bank, if you want to make FDR of 1 lakh taka, you can keep it for different periods. For example: 1 month/ 3 months/ 6 months/ 100/ 200/ 300 days. You can deposit money for different periods by doing this. Different rates are offered for different periods. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

10 lakhtaka I am showing you one year account and monthly account how much money will you get.

Islami Bank Fixed Deposit Profit Rate

  • You will get profit at 6.85% rate for one year.
  • If you do it for two years you will get 6.9% profit.
  • If you do it for three years you will get profit at the rate of 7%.

Calculation at 7%

If you can keep 10 lakh taka for a period of three years then you will get a little more profit in that case you will get 70 thousand taka per year. This 70 thousand taka is 10 lakh taka per year you will get.
If you want to deposit the entire amount for three years, you will get 2 lakhs and ten thousand taka and it will be paid to you every month. Since you will keep it for three years, then calculate the days 3 x 12 = 36 months. If you calculate 36 months, you will get 5833 taka 34 paisa for 10 lakh taka per month. But 5834 will be paid.

You will get this profit every month for 10 lakh taka. But from here, if you can't give your teen certificate when you find your teen certificate while doing account FDR, 15% government tax will be deducted if you don't give teen certificate. After deducting 15% government tax, you will be paid 4958 taka for ten lakh taka per month. If you have TIN then you will deposit TIN while making account. In that case, after deducting 10%, you will get 5250 taka per month for three years.

How much money will you get for 1 year term?

If you have a term of 1 year, the profit is a little less, that is, the profit will be given at the rate of 6.85 percent. In that case, let's calculate how much money you will get for 10 lakh taka. If you are given profit at the rate of 6.85 percent, you will get 68,500 per year for 10 lakh taka. Taka and every month you are getting 5708 taka. But from here also if you don't have the same tin then after deducting 15% percent you are being paid taka 4852 and if you have tin then you will get taka 5137 after deducting 10%. If you have FDR of Islami Bank for ten lakh taka per month for one year.

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