How much profit does City Bank give on fixed deposit

City Bank fixed deposit rate

Welcome to a new article. Today we will discuss in detail about Citibank Fixed Deposit or FDR.

Citibank Fixed Deposit or FDR

FDR refers to keeping the customer's money fixed permanently in the bank for a specified period of time. Citibank offers FDR attractive profits. On completion of the fixed term, the customer gets back the capital with attractive profits.

Features of City Bank FDR

  • Auto Restart is one of the features of Citibank FDR. That is, if the customer does not withdraw the FDR money even after the expiry, the FDR account will be automatically reactivated.
  • Single and joint account opening facility. A person can open multiple FD accounts if he wants.
  • One of the features of City Bank's FDR is the SOD loan facility. Customers get SOD loan facility of up to 90% against the amount deposited. The tenure of this SOD loan is one year. If the customer wants to repay this loan through MI method.
  • Encashment before maturity. Advantage i.e. if you want, you can break the MDRT and withdraw the money before maturity.

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City Bank fixed deposit rate

How many % of profit does City Bank pay over a period of days

  • FDR's City Bank pays a profit of 1.5 percent for one month period.
  • Citibank pays 6.15 percent profit on three-month FDR.
  • FDR's six-month Citibank yields 6.35 percent.
  • FDR's City Bank yields 6.35 percent for one-year or twelve-month periods.
  • FDR's City Bank pays a profit of 7 percent over a 370-day period.
  • FDR's Citibank yields 6.35 percent with a two- or three-year term.
In this case, remember that if FDR is broken before maturity, the profit will be changed.

How much net monthly profit will you get after tax deduction in City Bank FDR

1 lakh at the rate of 6.30% you will get 6350 rupees before tax deduction. 529 before tax will be paid monthly. If you have TIN certificate or not you will get net profit of Tk 450 after deduction of 15% tax.

What documents are required to open an FDR account in Citibank

  1. Photocopy of account holder's NID or valid passport or birth registration.
  2. Photocopy of electricity bill, water bill or gas bill of account holder for address proof.
  3. 2 copies of recent photographs.
  4. Photocopy of valid NID or passport or birth registration of nominated nominee.
  5. 1 copy of recent photograph of nominated nominee.
  6. E-teen certificate if any.

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